Priyanka Chopra’s music video goes viral

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Priyanka Chopra’s music video goes viral
Priyanka Chopra’s video for her first song, In my city featuring, has opened to a great response. “It’s received over one million views within four days of its release. A lot of videos take a long time to reach that mark,” says a source.

The song has apparently become popular across the world, especially in Canada, where the actor is currently promoting the album. “There’s a huge Indian population in Canada, and Priyanka has been invited to promote her song there. She’s visiting radio stations, malls and also giving away signed merchandise to her fans,” says the source.

“Though the song is of international standards, a lot of Indians connect well to it because she’s got a desi feel to it. It was something some Priyanka always wanted.”

In My City
Bollywood star Priyanka Chopra has just released the lyric video for her first single, “In My City.”

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The song, off her upcoming debut album, represents Ms. Chopra’s first foray into music. She began her career as a model, winning the prestigious Miss World title in 2000. She then transitioned to acting, working steadily in Bollywood for several years before achieving critical success with 2008’s Fashion, which earned her a National Film Award for Best Actress in India. In 2011, she landed a record deal with Universal and started working with such hitmakers as Jay Sean and producer RedOne on her first album.

The single, which features a guest spot from, debuted earlier in September on the NFL’s Thursday Night Football and will serve as the official intro song for this season’s pregame show. Watch the video after the jump, and sound off in the comments.

What’s Hot: Priyanka Chopra’s vocals, the catchy tune of the song, and Will I.Am’s presence in the song.

What’s Not: We didn’t like the computerised beginning of the song; and we hope this isn’t the only good track on the album.

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iDiva verdict: In My City by Priyanka Chopra featuring Will.I.Am is truly international and something you can dance to. It is a great workout number as it is catchy and peppy! Way to go, Priyanka!

Hindustan Times – Mumbai, February 05, 2013

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