Advertising – Sponsorship

Advertising – Sponsorship
A man who wants to save money by stopping his advertising budget is like the man who wants to save time by stopping the clock.
Henry Ford-Ford Automotive Founder.

Advertising, “to convince people to voluntarily engage in a certain behavior, to direct them to a certain idea, to try to draw their attention to a product, service, idea and organization, to give information about it, to change their views and attitudes about it, or to adopt a certain opinion or attitude. created; It is an announcement that is displayed by purchasing a place or time from communication tools or that is reproduced and distributed in other ways and is clearly created for a fee (in other words, the identity of the persons or organizations providing financial support is clear).

Being noticed is the first condition to be preferred!
The first condition of marketing is to make a difference. The differentiated product is demanded, it is easy to sell. We want to help you make that difference.

You can advertise in this area
You can advertise in this area

Even if the badly marketed product is worth gold, it is doomed to disappear.
No matter how much you trust your brand and your product, you need to use the right tools to be noticed and preferred among thousands of products and brands.

Why advertise with us?
✓ We serve the sector you are looking for. Your target audience is visiting our pages.
✓ You can get high profit and / or recognition with low cost. Our productivity is high.
✓ Your ads are flexible, you can choose the ad place as you wish.
✓ Our pages are opened fast, our websites can be viewed comfortably even at low internet speed.
✓ It appeals to the eyes with smooth pages on computers, smartphones and tablets.
✓ If you want to watch your advertisements, you can check the number of hits with sites such as

Increase Your Sales / Awareness!
Contact us, let us determine the most suitable for you among the different advertising areas on our site. Let’s strengthen your brand identity and contribute to your sales by preparing informative and creative advertisements within your budget.
You can also increase the visibility of your products by adding your products to Showcase Products.

With the widespread use of the internet and technological developments making the internet an important part of life, the budgets allocated by brands for internet ads are increasing, depending on the internet advertisement prices.

When you want to advertise on a website, payment terms are calculated according to several different cost types.

You can find the requirements for advertising our site here.

General Rules of Our Site:
1. Our site has the right to publish / not publish / remove any advertisement.
– +18, alcohol, anti-copyright, medicine, etc. are not advertised on our site.
2. The form below must be sent to advertise.
3. Legal taxation of advertising fees belongs to the advertiser.
4. Advertising banner dimensions will be sent to the advertiser and added when deemed appropriate.
5. As a result of the advertisement given, no hits and sales guarantee can be expected from our site.
6.No advertiser can request approval of his / her comment about the other advertiser.
7.For comments about advertisers, it is necessary to contact the comment owner directly.

The characteristics of a good advertisement should be:
– Interesting.
– Amazing.
– Original.
– Emotions stimulate.
– One time using router.
– Aiming to guide the relationship between the customer and the brand according to the wishes and needs of the customer
– Advertising has two aspects, creative and commercial.

5M in advertising
These are the initials of the English names of five important terms for advertising.
Money: The money we intend to spend for advertising
Message: The message we will give in the advertisement
Mission: Why do we advertise (New product promotion, market penetration, etc.)
Measurement: Measurement of ad effectiveness
Media: Media usage (TV, radio, newspaper, magazine, etc.)

Which pricing option to use in internet ads may vary according to the advertiser’s marketing strategy and target audience. The advertising budget should also be planned according to the type of ad to be used. Send a message for information.

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