Is multi-tasking proving too much for Priyanka Chopra?

Priyanka Chopra has multi tasks

Is multi-tasking proving too much for Priyanka Chopra?
Priyanka Chopra, who has delivered some pretty stellar performances over the awards season and is quite the package deal when it comes to performing, seems to be succumbing to the pressures of being in demand. The former Miss World turned superstar has always been media friendly but not anymore it seems. Having your Barfi and eating it too can prove to be quite difficult especially when you are trying to act and sing simultaneously.

The actress recently ticked off a reporter and said,” Why is this so difficult to understand? This is called expansion. If you are a creative person, you can do anything in this world. Just because you want to do only one thing doesn’t mean everyone is like that. Many people in this world like to do more than one thing.”

A rather uncharacteristic remark from the usually media-savvy Priyanka, currently the go to actress for any filmmaker who wants both glamour and talent in equal parts. With Vidya, Kareena and reportedly Katrina as well making time for love over work these days, Priyanka’s only competition seems to be Deepika Padukone and, reportedly by her own admission, cousin Parineeti.

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But Deepika and Parineeti still have a way to go before catching up with PC and it seems that Priyanka is keen to make hay while the spotlight’s still on her. So she’s gearing up for more power packed performances in Yash Raj Films’ Gunday and, of course, the Mary Kom biopic which is set to go on the floors in June.

Priyanka spoke about her preparations for the Mary Kom biopic and said, “I am now beginning to understand how difficult it is to train.”

But if her recent snapping at the press is proof, Priyanka’s already feeling the strain of being woman on top and we can’t help but wonder how she’s going to cope, especially as she has trouble at home as well with her father having spent the last few months in hospital.

Here’s hoping that the actress hasn’t bitten off more than she can chew and will bounce back to her usual sunny self.

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