Can you recognise Priyanka Chopra?

Priyanka Chopra and Govinda

Deewana Main Deewana trailer: Can you recognise Priyanka Chopra?
The Barfi! actor’s looks shuffle between garish make-up, uncool outfits and her current superglam avatar

A 20-year-old Priyanka Chopra signed a film titled Pyar Jhukta Nahin directed by KC Bokadia in 2003 opposite Govinda, who was trying to hold on to his flailing career at that point, shot for a few months and then forgot about it. At 30, PeeCee – one of the most successful B-town ladies today – wakes up to find out that from nowhere, this embarrassing movie – now called Deewana Main Deewana (what difference does it make really?) – that was stuck for 10 years, has been dug out of its grave and readied for release on February 1.

We do admire PeeCee’s guts to stand by the project, even reshoot some of her portions and help the director release this outdated film. But why would you and I actually buy a multiplex ticket to catch a Priyanka movie that looks rehashed and stale? Wouldn’t we rather watch Barfi! again? And why would you even want to watch the trailer of a film that brings back memories of all things unpleasant about small-budget capers from the early 2000s? For comic relief of course!

So I watched this trailer in good humour. But a dusky Priyanka wearing garish make-up (that makes her look like a ghost from an earlier decade) and bright blue sharara pants, and grooving to some of the most banal dance steps is still a nightmare, isn’t it? And then, a few newly shot portions of the actor have been inserted just to cash in on her current look. Are we schizophrenic?

We had, with some amount of hard work, managed to forget about a certain Ms Chopra who struggled to get her looks right during her initial days. The television reruns of her earlier films like Andaz, Barsaat, Kismat and Asambhav make us cringe even now.

Anyway, getting back to the trailer… PeeCee – today’s red carpet star with her super glamorous image, stylish Armani gowns and Jimmy Choo shoes – is seen walking into scenes in cheesy salwar kameez, denim caps, head band, cheap bright lipstick, old fashioned hairstyle and a really outdated nose. Guess she’s trying to match Govinda’s unique style sense in this one.

Deewana Main Deewana is supposed to be a thriller, yes indeed, a movie to be watched for the cheap thrills of witnessing an odd couple – a pot-bellied Govinda and an alien Priyanka coochie coo on the big screen!

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